Bull Path Residence

Location: Southampon, NY

Project Duration: 15 Days


About this Project

CMM Started working on Bull Path in February 2018. We are currently working on two properties along side each other. CMM started both properties by removing trees, stumps and root matt from both the building lots and the common driveway within Town restricted clearing limits. Both lots and common driveway had very challenging topographies. Because access to both lots was going to be difficult we chose to install all underground utilities coming down the common driveway, prior to creating a stable accessible roadway, this was we wouldn’t have to disturb the road once it was established. The project was done in the middle of winter, therefore we had to pay close attention to managing mud on the job site to prevent trades from getting stuck and from tracking onto the street. CMM excavated for both 10’ deep house foundations simultaneously and establish access for the concrete contractor to be able to pour both foundations at the same time to create a value savings to the building contractor. Once the foundation construction was completed, CMM Sitework, Inc. supplied a truck crane to reach suitable drainage material at a depth of 65 feet. We installed for both houses conventional septic systems and drywells at the same time, again providing a value savings to the building contractor. We had to import several hundred yards of sand to backfill both septic systems and drywells. CMM Installed all of the PVC roof leader piping during this backfill mobilization and then sub graded the site using all excavated material to establish a neat and clean working environment for the framing contractor. We completed all of this work in 15 days.
I have had the pleasure to work with Bill Potabi and CMM for over 15 years from small to large projects and have always been impressed with Bill’s knowledge and clear communication on every project as well as the professionalism of his crews.

Project Manager, Koral Bros. Inc.


Project Manager, Koral Bros. Inc.

Stephen Napoli