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Qualify for up to $45,000 in Grants and Rebates through the Reclaim Our Water Septic Improvement Program

We’ll walk you through the application process for Suffolk County’s Reclaim Our Water Septic Improvement Program step by step, free of charge to see if you qualify for their septic Improvement Program to help upgrade your home septic system to a new state of the art system


Septic System Installations

We handle septic system installs for new construction and septic system replacements. Our team can handle the excavation and installation of your new system. We also assist clients in grant applications to help with the expense and costs associated.
Suffolk County Residents Only

Upgrade Your System

Suffolk County’s Reclaim our water program provides residents an amazing opportunity to upgrade their septic systems to a state of the art, IA system by providing government grants to help cover the cost of installation and hardware. Take advantage of this opportunity and participate in Suffolk county’s infrastructure improvement plans.

Signs of potential issues with your septic system include:

Sink & Toilets Drain Slower

If you hear gurgling noises in your plumbing systems that are new and unusual, it’s time to call in the experts.

Strong Odors Near the Septic Drain Field

This means that your drain field is getting clogged. Strong odors mean that untreated wastewater is seeping into the soil and escaping into the atmosphere.

Surface Water Pooling

If you see a pool of water at the surface of the yard or dampness, this is a sign that your field is clogged. When drain fields fail, there is no place for the waste to go but up.

Lush Green Fields

This is a strong indication of a failing or clogged tank. The green patches of grass could indicate a leak, but it could also indicate advanced drain field failure.

Drainage Installation

Residential & Commercial 
Drainage Installation

Storm water drainage systems on Long Island is not only becoming more present in township building codes but are crucial for several reasons. heavy rainfall and storms are common in the region and without proper drainage flooding can occur causing damage to properties and infrastructure.
storm water runoff carries pollutants that can contaminate water sources and harm aquatic life. effective drainage systems prevent erosion and maintain the stability of our shoreline soils. Installing and maintaining these systems is essential for protecting the environment, ensuring public safety, and preserving Long Island’s natural resources.

Financing Options
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We understand the out-of-pocket cost can be a lot, especially if this is an unexpected expense, that is why we offer financing opportunities to all of our clients for any of our services.

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